Ceipal Connect

CEIPAL organised its first quarterly event, “CEIPAL CONNECT” for celebrating success, hard work and achievements on the 28th of July, Friday. The event started off with a fun session of musical chairs. The music and cheers blended in with the celebration mode that everyone was on. Starting off with the main session of the event, Mr. Subhash Potturi, the Vice President of CEIPAL congratulated all the employees on the many leaps that Ceipal had taken with the hard work and dedication that they had shown. Ceipal had achieved great heights in terms of customer support, product features and value.

The highlight of the night had the announcement of the CEIPAL Stars from each team-  Bhagwath Raj  (Support), Vara Prasad (Sales), Hareesh Vundavalli (Development-Talenthire), Venkatesh Kandur and Ananth Krishna (Development- Workforce). Each team lead also acknowledged other members from their teams who had taken an extra mile effort in the past weeks and was worth mentioning, including  Srinu Chilukuri (Development), Gopal Badeti (Development), Sushmita Challa(Development), Koteshwar Rao Kondawardh (Design) and Praveen Kumar (Testing).

CEIPAL Connect aims at transparency and communication in and between different teams and the management. “One reason behind starting such a quarterly feedback event is for us to know in which direction each of us is going in” – Subhash Potturi

The night was about recognition- to appreciate employee efforts, to award those who deserved, to keep up with the company performance and also simply to take a break and have some fun!  

A Rooftop Iftar

With the vibes of Ramadan coming to an end, the CEIPAL office could not wave it off without an Iftar gathering. And so, an Iftar party was conducted by CEIPAL on 23rd June 2017. The event was organised by the employers themselves, who all contributed in to make it a grand one. A number of hundred became part of the night who enthusiastically stayed throughout, including the office staff boys and the security guards. The dress code was ethnic and the colored kurtas and salwars made it  all seem like Eid had arrived a tad bit earlier at CEIPAL.

The party was held on the office terrace and the arrangements were done collectively by the staffs. Closing to the set of dusk, the event began with Naveen, the HR Manager reminding everyone on the speciality of the night. It was followed by a few words by Subhash, the Vice President of CEIPAL in which the effort and dedication of the employees were acknowledged and appreciated as well.  A huge shout of cheers for having made the night a reality, set the party in motion. Games including the selfie contest, letters and words followed by team building activities such as “Follow the Leader” were conducted. Winners and participants were presented with tiny pots of plants as their prizes. The burst of enthusiasm was quite evident all through the night and the craziness never left the crowd even when the games came to an end.

Our Newest Family Member:

Ceipal Super Stars

Hareesh Vundavalli:

He was very enthusiastic in taking extra mile efforts and has exhibited profound dedication and attention to detail when it came to work. Has proven leadership qualities.

Venkatesh Kandur:

For proactively taking up initiatives & going out of his way to complete the data migration for the entire leaves module.

Vara Prasad:

Vara Prasad, with an overall achievement of 127% of his sales target, amassing almost $4000 from April to June 2017. He has also exhibited impressive leadership qualities and has played a key role in the success of the sales team.

Bhagwath Raj Ansuri:

For maintaining and nurturing client relationships and proactively going out-of-his-way to help resolve client issues. He has also played a crucial role in the development of an acknowledgement email format to be sent to clients.

Fun @ Work


Hunger is omnipresent, from dawn to dusk, it gnaws at us. Food is a constant obsession. And, our love for food goes beyond bringing food just for oneself. It runs in our blood and there is no better time to come together than at a #Potluck.

#Potluck Hosted by CEIPAL Sales Team:

The sales team had organized a potluck on 13th June. Among the stars, the moon of the night was “Chicken Fry” brought in by Rajashekar.

theInsider The infamous 2nd batch(i.e 1:25 – 1:50 pm) has a “Food Festival every Wednesday! Comprising of; development team, design team and a few others, they are known for their curation of local favorites with the magic touch of “home”!


Check out our new Talenthire Website!

Development Team

Design Team

The design team constantly works on improvising the websites for a ‘Fresher look & feel’ of websites.

Why is any of this important?

Some products register themselves in our hearts and minds while some don’t. It is something about their design that makes us feel connected, amused and delighted. The design communicates a brand.

theInsider Change is good. And we can’t keep things same in this #digitalage.

BA Team

  1. Identifying Processes where there is scope for improvement
  2. Working on all incoming client requirements.

Testing Team

  1. The team is focussed on Functional testing of Talenthire and workforce applications. Automation testing, the team is working on workforce application automation.
  2. Security Team has audited Talenthire and Workforce production environment.
  3. Also, working on automation of application deployment.

Mobile Development Team

Work Anniversaries:

We congratulate every employee on being a part of the success here for a year. In the long run, we have seen that it is the hard work and dedication of all of you that have brought us the heights of which we boast of today.

  1. Mohan Kukkamudi
  2. Srikanth Alladi
  3. Shilpika Mohanty
  4. Susmitha Challa
  5. Vamsi Krishna
  6. Ganesh Kankatala
  7. Pramod Kodiganti
  8. Sharan Kumar Pogaku
  9. Raghavender Rao Kotha Venkata
  10. Ayyappa Swamy Pasupuleti
  11. Srikanth Akkidasari
  12. Aditya Adam

Thank you so much for being part of our world.  We wish to continue to witness such great works and even more. All the best for a great future ahead.