When we talk about tracking productivity, the first thing that comes to our mind is micro-management. And we hate being micromanaged. So, to avoid the conflict, we let the ownership be with the professional who is designated for the task. How? That’s what our SaaS based WorkForce is provisioned to offer you. CEIPAL’s WorkForce enables professionals “manage” their productivity by recording every task for greater accountability and accurate billing.

Earlier, consultants and full/part-time employees were only able to broadly record their day’s occupation. They were not able to add separate tasks to their timesheet that came in form of ad-hoc requests or because of specific demands of the activity they were working on. This led to confusion in billable and non-billable hours with the HR department or the consulting agency. With this problem area in mind, CEIPAL’s WorkForce developers integrated this new feature to enhance user experience.

Latest Feature
Latest Feature

With this latest feature,  associates or employees will not only be able to Create Task as many as ten, they also need not depend on anyone to help them their tasks. This, we hope will also add value to those little tasks that went unaccounted.

The success of an organization relies on how effectively it has managed its workforce by helping associates record every single activity they have worked on. This way, it is also easy to determine if there’s a need to increase the headcount for one’s organization or propose additional resource to one’s clients. So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to CEIPAL’s WorkForce to explore this feature. And Oh! we are forever SMB friendly when it comes to pricing. Sign up for trial today and experience the difference! 

Just a second, you said you are an existing client already? That’s great! Do check out the feature and share with us your experience!