At CEIPAL, we believe that the growth of an organization is incomplete without the growth of its people. And with this in view, we continue to nurture our people asset into market leaders of tomorrow. Particularly, when it comes to encouraging more women coders/programmers be a part of the IT bandwagon, we endeavour to offer our bit through recruiting as many of them in tandem with our recruitment strategy. So with reference to the initiative we had taken earlier about introducing our talented women programmers/coders, here’s Susmitha Challa, Senior Software Engineer, CEIPAL who has made the management proud with her coding ingenuity and zeal to excellence.

Susmitha Challa

Susmitha Challa has four and half years of work experience as a software programmer. She joined CEIPAL in June 2016. With a graduation in BTech Computer Science & Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Anantapuram, Susmitha says that her inclination toward math and logic dates back to early school life.

Since we tend to wear many aspirations during our growing up years, most of us were not even sure of what we have become today. If one wanted to be a plumber, it so happened, the person is now plumbing the depth of ocean beds and has become an oceanographer. Interestingly, in this regard, Susmitha knew that she was made to be a software engineer and she thanks her cousins for taking the lead in the domain. Her natural flair for coding and the zeal to beat the conservative notion of men championing the software domain, have held her conviction and brought her so far as a careerist.

“I strongly believe that if a woman wants she can be as good at coding as much at cooking. It’s all about what she wants and given a situation, how much is she supported in her journey to realizing her goals.” Susmitha Challa

Susmitha shares with us how her father, who worked in the farmlands, had always been very encouraging and always supported her decision that she would make keeping up with her family values. It was because of my father that everyone in our small village loved us and appreciated our ambitions. So, yes, I never felt any kind of negative force but words of encouragement that always motivated me to push the limits and deliver better to my people and profession.

In this short interview, Susmitha recounts, “I am glad to be working at CEIPAL where I have never been discriminated against my male counterparts and the great thing is even my male colleagues are very encouraging and supportive. They do offer help as and when I stumble upon something complicated”.

We wish Susmitha the very best for her work-life balance and a lot of success for her future. If you have enjoyed this, and believe that organizations should recruit more women programmers, join the league, and leave your comments below. We wait to hear from you!!

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