Here we are excited to release this new interview with our third woman coder/programmer of the series we initiated a month ago. It is always a pleasure for us to feature our women professionals who embody our mission and vision and contribute as much and above the regular efforts needed by an organization on a fast paced growth mode. This week, we introduce Shilpika Mohanty, Software Engineer at CEIPAL, who has made the management proud with her coding ingenuity and zeal to excellence.

Shilpika Mohanty

With three and half years of work experience, Shilpika Mohanty joined CEIPAL LLC in February 2016 as a Software Engineer developing android applicationsWith a degree in Engineering in Electronics and Telecommunications from Biju Pattnaik University, Odisha, Shilpika takes pride in being a university topper and says if not an engineer, she would have probably become a doctor! We are glad that she didn’t think otherwise and we have her as one of our intelligent resources in application development.

Shilpika on her father, Mr. Manoj Kumar

Like many, I too have reasons to be an admirer of my father. The place I grew up in, though it was not a village, but it was not short of people who believed education belongs to boys because daughters are to be married off. I am blessed to have a father who resisted such influence and insisted me to study well so that I can grow up to be an independent woman. Even when I was lazy and wasn’t focused enough, he would explain how employment is necessary for a woman to live a life she deserves.

Shilpika on her mother, Mrs. Sujata Mohanty

Shilpika says that since her mother was always a homemaker, she would ask Shilpika to pursue a career outside the routine obligations of everyday life and make an identity that she can feel proud of. “In this pursuit, I wouldn’t be allowed to the kitchen but today when I have to, it gets crazy. I have to refer to a YouTube channel to think of cooking something nice,” laughs Shilpika.

Shilpika as a wife and a would-be mother

“Much like my father, my husband too has been very supportive. He has always given me that space and respect which is not easy to come by. So, if you ask me about continuing my job? I would say YES! There’s now no looking back. I am the programmer of my own future, and also the future of my child. You see, life’s almost like developing any tech application, and inside me, I am coding a genius who when sees the light of the day deserves the best of life from both my husband and I.” asserts Shilpika.

Shilpika as a professional and her experience at CEIPAL

“I work in a very small and closely-knit team. In the beginning, I was hesitant and I wasn’t sure about how things will work out, my learning prospects, growth, personal communications, etc. But over a period of time, this little team gave me every comfort that a professional deserves. I have always enjoyed the kind of work-life balance that CEIPAL has to offer. Matter of fact, as a woman, I never felt uncomfortable asking for a personal leave without being questioned. And work-wise, I have always felt that constant challenge to excel and deliver better. In fact, I take pride in being a part of a team that’s creative and always committed to making our products better than the average market can offer,” says a confident Shilpika.

We wish Shilpika Mohanty the very best for her work-life balance and a lot of success for her future.

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Programming the Future: Story of Women Coders at CEIPAL

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