The new year has begun and with budget planning and headcount decisions for the business year ahead, it is a great time to re-visit all hiring options available to the company.

One solution worth considering is temp-to-perm, try before hire or broadly classified as TTP, a concept, which is derived from “Try before you Buy”, a largely successful idea of trying out prospects before investing in them. This option is a great opportunity as it facilitates companies to explore a candidate before fully committing to a permanent relationship. By initiating a probationary period before offering full-time employment, enables the company to ascertain whether the candidate is a right fit, not just for the individual role but for the team and company culture as a whole.

Additional Benefits include:

An opportunity to further develop job descriptions:
Job roles often evolve to support unforeseen business needs, and often times, immediately in a new role. Having someone come in as a temp-to-hire basis leaves room to build out the job description based on strengths of the candidate and the needs of the job. Maybe, you realize that a full-time employment isn’t necessary after all, leaving the opportunity to scale back hours to eliminate the role all-together without the cost of on-boarding and off-boarding a full-time employee.

An immediate solution:
Just because the headcount is not available today does not decrease the need for someone to fill a position. A temp-to-hire solution provides the flexibility needed in the meantime, for filling up a position that might need a permanent employee in the future.

Getting to know the candidate beyond the interview:
Bringing on a temp-to-hire candidate affords companies an exploratory period to evaluate job performance, offering a more detailed picture of potential employees than an interview could. Skill levels, communication style and how well an employee fits in with the rest of the picture can be better assessed by employers.

Both temp and permanent hires have their own advantages and disadvantages. But in this fast-paced technological world called today, how would one know if it is the right candidate in the right job? – This is one of the many ways to find out. With Ceipal’s metrics, get all the data you need at your fingertips.