social media screening

Social media has become a branding tool and to make connections professionally instead of simply a place to connect with a person or a place to voice your thoughts. Currently, several HR professionals search their candidate online to learn about them. Social media channels include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Behance (for artists and creatives) and more. It provides a generic idea into the lives of the candidates and the persona they carry.

There has been a huge debate about leveraging social media as a screening method. Some, are of the opinion that social media impression gives an idea about the candidate, whether they’re appropriate for the organization as an individual, and others are of the view that it doesn’t show on how the candidate can perform for the organization.

Yet, keeping all the arguments aside the curiosity to understand the candidate in the social media platform has become a practice for many HR professionals.

Pros of Social Media Screening:

  1. Insight into the informal life of a candidate:Throughout the interview, the candidate tends to put the best foot in every facet, hence, it doesn’t vide complete information on how a candidate behaves. Social media is effective in viding such information, where the employers will see how a candidate behaves in a typical day.Learning the type of content they post or share, how they move with the people online. If they use disparaging words or abuse online then the employers realize it. Respect for others is often what an employer looks for in a candidate and this information can be found on social media. Finding a pattern which could not be healthy will vide the employer about the nature of that person, which is very important while hiring.
  2. Straightforward background check:It’s an inexpensive method for a background check, and also saves a lot of time as the employer can access them anywhere and might make an on the spot decision of hiring the candidate Facebook videos a simple insight for the candidate’s day to day life, Twitter is a nice place to learn about how opinionative they are. LinkedIn is good to find out about their professional makeup.
  3. Recommendations will be an added advantage:The employer can go through recommendations the candidate has from previous employers on LinkedIn. It is an added advantage on selecting the right candidate since it provides a professional insight of the candidate. During background check, this comes as a handy tool for the employer. In these recommendations, one may also learn about how the candidate managed to work through the challenges that came their way at work.
  4. Relevant to the social media professionals:Social media screening is effective for people who are looking for jobs in a similar domain. For an employer, it’s an easy check if the candidate is apt for that specific profile by tracking their digital footprint. For a social media specialist, the importance of their job skill increases when they themselves are keen and quite sensible in their brand management on the internet. This tends to become their portfolio, where the employer can not just find out about the candidate but also recognize their skills and knowledge in the domain.With the web becoming a significant space for people to be in, someone, who stands out the most is best to catch the attention of the employer.
  5. Chance for the candidate:Social media platforms are the most coveted spaces recently. It’s not only a platform to connect with new people, but, also the place where a person can decide on how people would like to perceive them. Today, it is important to keep yourself up to date on social media and connect with people whom you might not have a chance to meet with otherwise. The candidate should concentrate on their social media image, research and take references on how the best people in the business have their online presence. Yet, they’d like the employer to see them and keep their online space up to date. For employers, it’ll be important to consider how active and effective the candidate is.
  6. Restricted screening is effective:Social media is effective to understand more about a candidate rather than judging them. As a pre-screening tool, this is often effective yet one has to keep in mind which social media platforms should be considered. Since information on net platforms varies, irrelevant information can ruin the possibilities for the hiring manager.

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