However good one might be at candidate sourcing, there is always room for improvement. Perhaps you can be more efficient, or maybe there might be some place for improvement in the quality of the candidates. Nevertheless, a change in the stale process is always fresh! Here are three tips to boost your candidate sourcing:

Don’t stop at one search

You have just run a highly targeted search on a job portal and find a spate of great candidates with the right skill sets. Time to move on to the next task?

Not exactly.

“Consider that every search you run includes both includes and excludes qualified people” – Glen Cathey

There are a lot of other factors to consider. It might be tempting to stop at “good enough”, however, doing so is going to lead to you missing out on other potential and “better” candidates.


It is easy to stick with the routine, the practices that have been working for you lately. However, unorthodox or creative sourcing techniques can unearth great treasures – under-the-radar candidates.

Notable sourcing experts have shared some of the creative methods they used to find great candidates at a recent LinkedIn Talent Connect conference. Some examples:

  1. Blogs: It is not just creatives and artists who have blogs. Specialists and experts of all crafts are on the blogosphere. Especially for tech talent, the best place to find it is not necessarily on Facebook and Twitter, the blogosphere offers insights which other social media platforms might not.
  2. Find the profiles that don’t have any keywords: Candidates with very little online footprint won’t be found with a standard keyword search. For someone like Pete, those are exactly the type of candidates he’s looking for, so he makes logical assumptions about sparse profiles. For example, if the profile indicates the candidate lives in the D.C. area and works at Fort Meade, he knows she’ll have to have a certain level security clearance. Recruiters relying solely on keyword searches will miss these candidates.

Don’t replace your Successful Best Practices

You have been relying on a method for finding candidates which might be yielding consistent results. Try utilizing the limited hours at your disposal for sourcing as effective recruitment is largely about proper time management.

The Hot-liners of candidate sourcing are popular for a reason – they are usually optimized for searching and produce a high yield of candidates.

It is best to balance out trying nouveau creative sourcing techniques with the social networks and job boards you are already using. New and more obscure sourcing methods might return greater dividends, but they are also likely to take more time and maybe even yield fewer candidates.