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Have you heard of the phrase ‘Simpler, the better’? Simplicity is the smartest way out of any situation, if it’s a resume we are talking about, you better get used to being simple with what you communicate to your possible recruiters.

It’s not only what you present that matters but how you present it shares equal importance. The first few seconds that a recruiter spends on your resume should be as impactful as your skillsets you have always taken pride in. So for the obvious reason, we would not want to jinx the possibility of getting chosen by a reputed company.

While the excerpts I am going to talk about are important enough to not be ignored, a research led by the Ladders.com suggests on average a resume meets eyes of a recruiter for about 6.5 seconds. According to the research, recruiters spend 80% of those 6 seconds just looking at the Name, Current Title/Company, Previous Title/Company, Previous Position- Start and End Dates, Current Position- Start and End Dates, and Education. You would want to impress him within that timeframe.

In fact, sending in a resume is not such a big deal but are you sure your resume would positively get shortlisted among the many? Is your resume smart enough to go hand-in-hand with the ATSs taking a lead in the market today?

ATS? Yes, the Applicant Tracking System. I assure you can’t do without it. The much-established software works like a resume database and is used by recruitment companies to systemize the hiring process for faster turnaround and accurate results.

Hiring is no more the paper-and-pen kind of job it has face-lifted and gone digital to an extent where even the signatures necessary during the process can be obtained digitally. How unimaginable was that, how easy it has become!

In fact, a study by the blog Capterra suggests that 75% of recruiters and hiring professionals today use recruiting software like the applicant tracking system and almost 94% of them are totally taken to the software and think hiring has become much more hassle-free.

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A survey by Business2Community says that the software like ATS today is able to quickly eliminate 75% of applications right at once. The following pointers can help you to create a compatible resume.

Now, let’s try to make your resume just about perfect for both human type and machine type recruiters.

  1. Simple appearance/ avoid fancy borders and shadings

    I would begin with the presentation since that’s the first thing to strike your recruiter’s eyes and expectations, you would want to cast a good impression. The color-coded headers and footers and the shadings here and there can be avoided, completely. Do not hesitate to not use them in your resume. Your resume should be power-packed with performance and efficiency, not illustrations.

  2. Match your resume keywords and use language from the job description

    You might want to consider this as your ticket to the job destination, just make sure you use the keywords from the job description in your resume without fail. It would not harm you to make a relevant usage of the language that was used to communicate the job description in the first place. Note- Don’t overuse the keywords, though.

  3. Spelling and grammar, avoid special characters and accented words

    Nobody wants to spend their time trying to figure out complex words. The words that you spout out on your resume should be as simple as possible. Remember spelling and grammatical errors or typos are not at all welcome to both the software and the recruiter so you better avoid committing them. Special characters and accented words make your resume only less readable so do away with them too.

  4. Tailor your application for each job

    Though your profile remains intact, meaning if you are a web developer you would not be called in for the position of the interior decorator, but do not forget to compose your resume in relevance with the job description every time you are applying for one. That places your resume directly in the eyes of recruiters (better visibility).

  5. Get rid of images and graphics

    Your resume should be capable in itself to capture attention, so no need to decorate it with imagery or graphics. After all, it’s the representation of your skills, not a fancy public forum, it is supposed to get you job not entertain people.

    A recent survey by Behiring states that almost 88 % of resumes get rejected just because the applicants have their photograph attached, mind that next time you are planning to do that.

  6. Choose Fonts Carefully

    Resumes that follow a certain font grab more number of selections. You can stick to the web-safe fonts like Arial, Georgia, Impact, Courier, Lucinda, Tahoma or Trebuchet. That will keep your resume on the front seat, I guarantee.

  7. Place contact information at the top

    Might I say, we are all sensible enough to put our contact details on the top, choose your corner. Of the two reasons one being the fact that if a recruiter finds your resume suitable for a position, you can expect a call instantly. Second reason is simple- shows you are smart.

  8. Customized professional summary

    Sum up your professional experience at the end, it refreshes all that was described on the open page, but in phases and phrases. The recruiter would definitely keep your mastered skills in mind even after he is done going through your resume.

  9. Do not use templates

    Why to use unnecessary templates when you can always keep your resume simple, yet smart as it would be anyway. We think templates give our resume a definite pattern, but on the contrary, it only suggests you are lazy to create your resume which is why the need of internet downloaded templates.

  10. Does not contain complex formatting (condensed or expanded text)

    I understand how sometimes we unintentionally keep those extra spaces between letters, avoid them. Any ATS that I know of cannot decipher the hidden meaning in those spaces.

I hope my suggestions would help you next time you are calling out to an ATS. That and human recruiters too, you want both the software and its user to understand your resume and reciprocate, which is a must.

Let more ATS’s choose you, the next time and the next.