The experience of applying for jobs can be very harrowing if we are not sure about what is controlling our job-applications across industries. We know that the crocodile technology has everything in its belly and so is our luck with fitting the right bill.

Wise women know it that if there’s a challenge, there is a hack within the same challenge and as you read further you’ll discover more about how you can navigate through the modern technological challenges (such as organizations banking on Applicant Tracking Systems or ATS to filter resumes from huge data repositories) in hiring and recruitment to land up with your ideal job, or at least, have a human hold your resume to read through your competencies and by applying his or her cognitive skills determine an ideal opening for you in the company he or she is working for either as an in-house HR or an external vendor or consultant.

Five smart tips for the smart millennials-

  1. The way hiring managers depend mostly on keyword allocation, smart millennials are advised not to treat an opportunity the same way. Read about the job description in entirety and if you feel you are only missing out on a very few skills required, don’t disown hope and go ahead to apply for the same. Apply at large in the similar way. Remember, talent is trainable. It also means that the prospective organization has ample room for molding you into a kind of asset they would like to have.
  2. Convert your key skills into keywords. There are several websites that can help you figure key words suitable for your industry profile. The more the keywords the better it is, however avoid synonyms or keywords that are near equivalent. Remember that the primary selection of your resume is not on the basis of your talent but keywords. It is sad, but true. But hey, now you know how to convert a threat into an opportunity. Leverage on this inconvenience by listing the right keywords that define your skillset.
  3. While an Applicant Tracking System has happened as a boon to the recruitment industry, its algorithm is complex. So the suggestion is to keep this in mind and go easy on creating a resume without any fancy. No designer font, no graphic elements are readable by these ATSs. So what if you are a graphic designer, but go gentle in the wind. To send your portfolio of works, you may consider creating a personal website or just provide links. You may also, resend your portfolio when the employer has directly contacted you for further works.
  4. If you are uploading your resume directly on the company website, great. But do not let it die there. For example, you can search Human Resources <XYZ company> on LinkedIn and find a point of contact. Do send an Add request on LinkedIn but not directly with your inquiry about the status of the application. Write something kinder, more humane, and one being accepted, express Thank You and continue with a note such as, “I have always wanted to work on this <insert subject> and I see that your organization has contributed a lot in this field which is why I, after gaining a certain experience, had expressed my interest in working with <insert company name>. It would be great if you could convey my message to the concerned authority to take my application for further review”. You can then sign off with your name and contact number. Make sure your LinkedIn account is ready for the first impression.
  5. If you are applying for jobs through various job portals, you have no exception. The way organizations use custom ATS to filter resumes from plenty of such job boards, these job boards too have their own tricks where you need to score high without necessarily having to pay for the service. The trick is to log in to your job board every 2-3 days and resubmit (I am taking for granted that you have already taken care of mentioning keywords relevant to your domain).

Honestly, it isn’t easy to have jobs following you than you following jobs but that’s what should you aim at by focusing on the keywords, not the fear of an applicant tracking system. All things said, you shouldn’t forget that all the aforementioned tricks won’t work unless you are persistent at upping the game every passing day.

The millennials today are highly respected and preferred over their counterparts, so don’t miss the sun by staying too long inside your inhibitions. Go get it. Beat the technology. Build your career.