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Why do you think ‘expertise’ matter? Why does a system strive to have an ‘expert’?

Quite simply, the former leads to accuracy while the latter determines success.

When experts like ATS (Applicant Tracking System) are predominantly taking charge of recruitment’s, recruitment firms are observing a never-felt-before peace at work. Hiring never seemed this easy and timeless.

Recruitment firms who had been following the ‘old is gold’ rule for hiring, now hanker after the new methods of fast and smart recruitment’s. Not meaning to undermine the old type recruitment process, but one can’t deny the amount of time that got exhausted during the process could have been put to use in those that had no other alternative.

For all we know, given the number of ATS platforms in the market today hiring has become as effortless as we could imagine. It is brilliant and truly a savior to recruiters.

The Applicant Tracking System is a SaaS or Software as a Service platform used by hiring companies and staffing agencies for simplistic and smart HCM solutions. Once these companies get used to the functionalities of the software, in no time recruiters see an immense climb-up both individually and for the organization.

According to a survey compiled by Plunkett Research, companies using an ATS are 40% more likely to be seeing a massive growth rate, while companies adopting the software grow by 13% year over year. The research shows that 60% of SMBs use ATS and 80% of companies have seen an increase in revenues due to the same.

We could call the ‘expert’,

The higher route to hire.
Since you know what your organization thrives on

There is no unit that can measure how superior a company is but the type of crowd it holds defines it. ATS helps recruitment firms do that for organizations irrespective of their sizes. Less time and paper consuming, well organized, no chance of forgery, almost perfect, all its features are so good each one of them, catching attention of the industry barons is a piece of cake. And why not when these ATS platforms have such promising features such as Resume Parsing, Paperless On-Boarding, integration with Social Media and major Vendor Management Systems.

With the genesis of new breeds of technology surfacing almost every fortnight, the humdrums of the traditional hiring process have succumbed to a more peaceful settlement. The turnaround time once a job is posted, is as quick as a split-second. The job gets posted on a host of job boards and a number of social media channels which makes hiring all the more fast. Isn’t that amazing! Such fast responses can be obtained only by using ATS, and you can never doubt the accuracy.

Excerpts from the Expert:

    • Hiring from anywhere any time from the Mobile

Remember how employers used to face an ordeal for hours trying to fish out appropriate candidates? The situation was so precarious and tiresome that after a while they would almost give up. It is not the same any more, it has reached new highs of brilliance and has a witty kind of fun involved in it. The Mobile ATS speeds up the hiring and does not mess up the workflow of the procedure. Starting with tracking the job requests to posting one, this baby has a spontaneous response to everything. All you need to do is a few swipes and clicks, and job done.In an era where most of our time is consumed by our smart phones, why not we be smarter and make the time more productive by using them for hiring. After all we created smart phones for our convenience.

    • Cent % Paperless

The manual on-boarding is just passé. More and more recruiters today are befriending e-Boarding/paperless on-boarding as it guarantees the most rigorous and speedy on-boarding of candidates. No papers, no physical signatures, no confusion! Electronic on-boarding and digital signatures have ousted them gracefully. Job initiation, documents submission have all managed to go electronic for recruiters to make full use of them.

    • Integration’s

The ever-growing technology has devised some extra-ordinary tools and plug-ins for the betterment of the recruitment firms. Most ATS in the market are integrated with several job boards, social media channels and VMS platforms, making jobs more searchable and the ATS more accessible. The integration helps them to publish hot-lists of jobs and shoot mass mails.

Why complicate life when simplicity has always been the attractive one. Experts say, “Simpler the ATS sounds, smarter it is.”

Wouldn’t you want to have a smart way out of your hiring worries and let the ‘Smart’ guide you through the simple steps and the crisp clicks.

Leave hiring to the ATS and your job is done and how accurate!

Not just hire, you hire smart.