11, 12 November 2016, Frisco, Texas

The ITServe SYNERGY 2016 was a unique event designed to help CEOs and CxOs of several IT consulting firms gain maximum exposure for the services they offer, discuss challenges they face in the recruitment domain, find mentors and advisors to offer solutions and finer strategies that deliver to the growth and branding of their respective firms.

CEIPAL LLC being the grand sponsor of the 2016 ITServe Synergy, CEIPAL kickstarted the event with the delivery of the keynote address welcoming over 1200+ attendees ranging from fledgling entrepreneurs to experienced CEOs and CxOs. “We are delighted to receive such huge response to our products that we are so passionate about… ” emphasized our team at Embassy Suite Frisco Convention Center, while thanking every stakeholders right from his very own organization, developers who craft their recruitment software to the ITServe past and present board members and organizing committee and attendees that partly comprised CEIPAL’s existing client base and  new ITServe network members.

“The networking conference has been the 2016 highlight for CEIPAL, thanks to ITServe Synergy’s governing team. This hallmark event introduced us to a new client base and discussions underway. While we provide services to businesses of all scales and capacities, we look forward to empowering more small and mid-level companies and contribute our excellence to their growth and imminent success of the small and mid-scale economy in the US.” exclaimed Software Enthusiast Ravi Daparthi from CEIPAL LLC.

Highlights from ITServe Synergy 2016:

  • CEIPAL- Grand sponsor for IT Serve Synergy 2016
  • 25% of ITServe customers comprised CEIPAL clients
  • Product demo sessions by CEIPAL executives
  • Panel discussions on future development
  • Insightful talks by guest speakers
  • Professional networking & dinner
  • CEIPAL, ITServe partnership established
  • Dialogue initiated for onboarding new clients

Members of ITServe Synergy take on CEIPAL products:

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