CEIPAL Workshop Detroit

CEIPAL is going places with its flagship products- quite literally as well!

Post the success of a couple of our workshops on CEIPAL in the city of Hyderabad (which also happens to be home to CEIPAL’s off-shore R&D centre in India), the idea of conducting workshops on a national level scale took its shape. And the positive responses garnered from these small-scale workshops in Hyderabad only further cemented the marketing team’s idea into a fully blown concrete plan.

So it was decided that with the start of Q3 of 2015, the marketing team shall thread its step beyond the threshold of Hyderabad and start with conducting workshops across other major metropolitan areas. The dates were decided and the first stop became the garden city of India, Bangalore. The already existent clients in the city were also invited and were kind enough to grace us with their presence in the workshop. Having them share their experiences as our clients was something that further upped and affirmed the kind of quality quotient once can expect out of CEIPAL.

Six clients have been added do far to our existing pool of clients thanks to the recently concluded workshops. Now, brimming with the success of our workshops and leaving our marks in two major metropolitan cities, the team is ready and geared up to take it further to next level. With the upcoming Q4, workshops across the cities of Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Hyderabad and Bangalore have already been arranged. Pune and Chennai are two other cities have also made their way into our list of cities that we intend to address CEIPAL into in the coming future.

This has been the journey so far that shall eventually culminate in making CEIPAL a household name in the HCM space across various metropolitan cities of India.