social media recruitment

Building a good team is high on the priority list for every company. However employers now don’t have the upper-hand while hiring. Today’s most proficient professionals have their pick, with companies fighting for their attention and services. Attracting that talent to your organization is going to be a challenge that has to be met head-on, in innovative ways too.

The key is marketing potential candidates on the advantage of working with you. This makes recruiting virtually a marketing effort, and if truth be told, the (most effective) recruiting techniques have their roots in the most effective marketing techniques. Taking advantage of social media can help you recruit the best of the best in the job market.

Future of Recruiting: Social Media

Social media profiles have evolved into standard tools for researching and evaluating talent. Instead of looking solely at candidates’ resumes, extensively vet them by analyzing their LinkedIn and other social media profiles.

Candidates’ social media profiles highlight personal experiences and interests that tie into personal and professional lives and skills, and might show if the person can be a perfect fit. Based on the type of job you are recruiting for, ensure you are looking at the right social media platforms to seek out potential candidates who might be off your radar.

Engaging with potential candidates on Social Media can often be to your advantage, despite whether or not they have an interest in the position you are offering right now.

Though the person might be content wherever he/she is working currently, you never know what the future has in store. Engaging with them on their personal profiles allows you to form a relationship.

Always have an active social presence as a recruiter, too. Beyond simply posting job openings and interacting with candidates, post snippets regarding latest happenings to and for the employees in your company. Get current staff to participate by joining them in on the conversation, shooting short workplace videos and customarily spreading the word regarding the beneficial features of working there.

Your social media channels can even operate as an excellent place to showcase your company’s Mission & Vision, which may help hook like-minded candidates.