We all know that if we have to fish in a pond, we can sit on the bank and use a fishing rod. The game changes entirely if we have to fish in the ocean where we’ll need a trawler, experienced fishermen and giant fishing net. Talent recruitment is fishing in the ocean as you wont find great candidates in small pools. And for that, should we not consider a change and replace our traditional recruitment software with a modern ATS coded with human algorithm?

Today, the pace at which startups are continuing to acquire eminence through people power, it is multi-fold when it concerns big and established companies. Because the bigger the company the more people at play, and more divergent it gets with its employee base in terms of talent, culture, expertise, domain knowledge, behavior etc. Here, to be able to recruit and manage such diversity is a standing nightmare for several HR professionals because majority of organizations are either not able to figure the leak in their hiring system or are still performing on old and outdated technology that reaps no substantial value for the company.

“First-generation ATS launched around late 1990’s, were about digitizing and automating candidate information only. But today, we are working on technology that delivers the same and beyond. We are building affordable solutions to help organizations grow and engage candidates in unimaginable ways.” Ravi Dagaparthi, Ceipal’s Software Enthusiast.

Behind every successful business, there’s a great ATS that delivers beyond “digitizing and automating candidate information”. Such ATS (Applicant Tracking System) contribute to talent management, human capital management, talent acquisition, candidate relationship management and many. Indeed, there’s no better solution to up the game in the recruitment arena unless you consider replacing your old applicant tracking system with an upgraded system that takes care of all the focus areas mentioned above.

Consider upgrading your old applicant tracking system if-

  1. You are unable to market bulk openings on relevant platforms
  2. You fail to plan, schedule, shortlist and select talent as a part of your company’s long term hiring strategy including keeping ahead of your deliverable during recruitment seasons.
  3. You are unable to source the right talent that can contribute to your company’s growth
  4. You find documentation way cumbersome and unorganized
  5. You are unable to manage and optimally exploit human intellect, focus on managing physical and emotional capital of employees
  6. You are unable to develop organizational culture that would foster talent-oriented attitude
  7. You are lagging behind in bench management with financial and legal implications
  8. You are running short of support in vendor and client management
  9. You are annoyed because your software misses essential features that more advanced technology can offer to streamline your work, thereby limiting you to more manual interventions.
  10. You are not able to keep tab of your business in the go, i.e, your only access is through web login.

The list may continue and all and of you have to offer the best to your business, with the right ATS, you can easily streamline the aforementioned hindrances. If you are up and ready to embrace change, but worried about your budget allocation, precisely, about the affordability, then we have your back covered.

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