treading ceipal

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a step”

CEIPAL is a leading cloud based human capital management (HCM) solution, that delivers talent hiring, collaboration and workforce management.

With its innovative products Talenthire and Workforce, CEIPAL is set to storm industry’s trends, paving the way for massive technological developments in its journey.

CEIPAL set foot on its pan India voyage early February, when the wind began to feel warmer and organisations were keen to know forthcoming industry trends of 2016.With a secret ingredient in its solution that adds to the brand promise, CEIPAL steered across major Indian cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi reaching customers’ doorsteps with one mantra – how to hire smart and manage smart.

CEIPAL Workshop 2016

So how do you know which one is the best HCM among the lot? Which one solution answers all questions that your business asks you every day? How do you get more done with less? How do you shoot up productivity without compromising on costs?

These was the primary questions that stirred us at the CEIPAL house as we traversed Hyderabad, Bangalore and Delhi.

In an endeavour to bring sighs of relief to businesses, the CEIPAL team smart-heads chalked out a plan – a tour that would help prospects know that in the world of expensive and complicated Human Resource Recruitment and Management Solutions, there exists a robust, flexible and affordable technology that makes life easier in a matter of seconds.

February was all set to get busier. And we loved it that way. From designing flyers and posters, to sending out invites for the workshop registrations, from churning out ideas for our product video, to red-eyed long hours at work, our CEIPAL ‘smarties’ toiled at extremes, to make the tour an accomplished one – both for us and the attendees. We still needed some last minute branding. Why not CEIPAL T-shirts to begin with? A catchy phrase and the perfect colour readied us to set the clock at ignition for conquering India’s major cities.

CEIPAL Workshop 2016

Dressed in blue, we embarked on a journey that would further instil great learning, diverse experience and teach us an enormous level of humility.

With 12,000 users and 180+ clients spread across six countries, 80 smart heads, 3 offices across 2 countries, touring 3 states, 3 cities our hearts screamed

Get set and GO!

Take 1 Hyderabad

Home ground is always safe.

CEIPAL Workshop 2016

That’s what they say.

For CEIPAL, the interactive event at Hyderabad was as exciting as watching a ‘Sachin’ swing his way to sixes! Attendees started pouring in and business cards filled up our fish bowl (this one was for collecting the “who’s and what’s” of our invitees).

CEIPAL Workshop 2016Questions and more questions followed. Our ideas and answers shot up the enthusiasm. More than 50 companies filled up our hall at Ameerpet. And we knew our innovation absorbed immense interest. The turnout was a huge success in itself.

CEIPAL Workshop 2016At dinner, amidst the spice of Biryani and Gulab Jamun dipped in sugar syrup, interactions rose to its own level of dynamism. Whether it was security of data or managing CEIPAL’s Talenthire and Workforce on portable devices, our team addressed every query with ease and confidence, accentuating on every detail.

Most attendees were intrigued that such a flexible solution could be built in a way that was affordable and exhaustive in way of its features.

“Any feature left unexplored, in the field of HCM?” exclaimed one of the guests to an over-enthusiastic me.

In short, we had scored runs unimaginable. And this embedded deep within us, a strong belief that we could turn tables in cities that were next in line.

Take 2 Bangalore

A home away from home, soon-to-be a second home.


No wait train.
Time? Distance?
Should we?

CEIPAL Workshop 2016When the CEIPAL brainies stormed the famous Secunderabad station (some at 7pm some ahem! ahem! a bit too late, right minutes before the 7.50 pm departure mark), little did they know that a grand story was being written and that each of them were also writing their own.

We knew Green was the way to go, as the guard whistled our departure from our very own Home ground.

Chattering and babbling, while causing a wee bit unpleasantness to co-passengers (those early- to-bed ones), we broke oodles of giant icebergs stacked between us. And then in some odd hour into the night, the CEIPAL team slept or charged up, must I say.

Dawn found us brimming with stamina, though we rested minimal.

However, the major challenge was upon us now – traffic. The ‘oh-so-unbelievably-slow moving’ Bangalorean crazy traffic was testing our patience.

CEIPAL Workshop 2016Once the lodging was taken care of, we braced ourselves for the event in the tech city of India. However, our disappointments broke loose on setting sight upon the venue. It was certainly not what we were expecting in terms of size, to be exact.The limited space meant we could have least breathing space for our guests and the worst apprehension was that they wouldn’t feel comfortable.

And then suddenly, the game changed; this time to our advantage, driving us ahead a several notches.

The session became increasingly interactive with every clock tick. Realising that we were gaining prominence, we made the best out of it.

CEIPAL Workshop 2016From discussing extensively the many facets of Talenthire and Workforce to voicing upcoming features like SMS, e-mail integrations, et cetera, the adept CEIPAL team juggled questions while also appreciating the visit of one of our valued clients Mr. Shyam Pandian from Floret Consulting who elaborated how remarkably pleased he was with our product. In summation, to him, his ROI was taken care of.What else mattered?


Dine-time verbal exchanges focused on the inception of CEIPAL, challenges it solves in the market today and what it stands to promise in future. Stimulated by such discussions the guests seemed to slow down on their kababs and desserts.

It was CEIPAL’s much deserved win – like a neck-to-neck match.

CEIPAL Workshop 2016

Take 3 Delhi

When the going gets tough, tough get going.

CEIPAL Workshop 2016

Chill in the bones.
Unexplored territory.
Undaunted spirit.

At Delhi, the CEIPAL team ran face to face with reality of the Northern markets – a lot of it went into learning about the totally unfamiliar market which was our first venture ever.

A brave move indeed!

The event unfurled with more than 20 companies depicting interest in the multi-faceted CEIPAL products Talenthire and Workforce. While sharing their experiences on present day trends of Enterprise Solutions, guests elaborated further on what features could be incorporated to boost its better reception. The appreciative interactions and discussions that followed were not only enlightening for the CEIPAL team, but also helped analyse possible strategic methods to capture business better in the region.

All’s well that ends well.

On our way back to our home ground, deep in our hearts we knew we had gained the confidence of many, learnt a piece here and there and also understood where best we could improve to stay ahead of the game in our business. In summation, we were ready to play better now.

What promises lay ahead?

A multitude of innovative add on features in continuous tandem with the evolving trends of the current year and a comeback tour with a way bigger impact on the current business in the human resource industry. Technology only gets smarter from here.

Until then

Hire smart, Manage smart