CEIPAL’s TalentHire provides you with a first-of-its kind way

No one, not even Hormel, the company that in 1937 invented Spam, a canned combination of pork and ham, is exactly sure just how the brand name for its product, SPAM®came into being.

So, how did spam come to be the term for unsolicited junk email? According to the Internet Society, which traced the history of spam emails back to 1978, the term “spam” in this sense may have originated with the spam skit by Monty Python’s Flying Circus, which resulted in, spam meaning the exasperating repetition of something.

Email spam is not something any reputable company wants to have next to their name. For recruiting and consulting firms, email marketing is a lifeline to viable leads. But email marketing can slip easily into the spam category and no company wants to have their company’s ISP flagged as a spam domain. Once a company is associated with spamming, their brand image can quickly sink.

There are basically five perils of being flagged as a spam domain:

  • Tarnished brand image
  • Possible legal ramifications
  • Undermined credibility
  • Exhausting reclamation process
  • Significantly reduced work productivity


The spam-proof solution? CEIPAL’s TalentHire, an Applicant Tracking System that enables recruiting companies to source candidates faster and more efficiently. Available as a monthly subscription, TalentHire not only sources candidates, it allows the search firms to eliminate all invalid and inactive email IDs from their list of contact leads with the click of a button. Unlike many other ATS, TalentHire ensures that companies don’t end up being accused of spamming.

TalentHire tackles head-on the two main causes of being labelled a spammer: The “bounce” percentage of your sent emails and the number of inactive email IDs on the receiving end of your emails. Since the average list of leads usually runs into the thousands, both of these factors are a real concern for recruiting companies.

By eliminating these spam-inducing issues as a part of their ATS engine, TalentHire has effectively enabled recruiting firms to be free from the dangers of being flagged as spam domains.

How TalentHire works for you:

  • Gives you an option to upload your contact list
  • Scans your entire uploaded contact list with a click
  • Automatically removes all the ineffective email IDs
  • Leaves behind only valid email IDs

Once you subscribe to TalentHire:

Step 1: Log into the portal, click on View Profile
Step 2: Click on the given link to download the Excel Sheet format
Step 3: Copy and paste your list of contacts into the downloaded sheet (up to 5000 contacts)
Step 4: Import the Excel sheet into TalentHire by following the instructions
Step 5: Once the list is imported, TalentHire will prompt you to clean the list
Step 6: Just click on clean, sit back, relax and watch TalentHire go to work for you

In a matter of seconds, you will have a list completely devoid of inactive and ineffective email IDs. This is, of course, in addition to every other feature you would expect from a standard ATS.

TalentHire is the first to offer this service as a part of their ATS engine. They are known for going that extra mile for the client, as their latest feature proves. Ahead of its time, CEIPAL’s TalentHire has left its competitors far behind in terms of customer satisfaction.

With this, recruiting firms will find it much easier to can the spam tag. So, start using TalentHire and leave the spam to Hormel and to the comics.

Help us help you, build and sustain your credibility, so you don’t have to keep jumping domain after domain repeating the same thing to have people believe in you and your services.

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