recruitment industry

The Recruitment industry has undergone massive changes in the recent years. Software applications have been introduced and efficiency has been exponentially increased. However, here are the latest challenges for your business to watch out for:

  1. Skills Shortage
    Skill shortage is a major challenge in the Recruitment industry today. Finding the right candidate is not an easy bargain. To resolve this, the usage of an applicant tracking system is the only solution that not only helps in proper head hunting but also reduces time-consumption in processing applications for an x number of openings. With the right applicant tracking system, you can always expect more than finding a candidate, through proper skill-set matching and deciding on the candidate’s fitment with the organization’s cultural aspects.
  2. Margin
    Margin is what defines success for a company. Numbers are everything for investors and margins define these numbers. However, margins in staffing haven’t been intensifying. The necessity to make processes more efficient using data is certainly one thing that’s impeaching for the business – nevertheless, to achieve success, companies ought to make this a priority.
  3. Differentiation
    It’s a threat to the industry once the technology becomes very easy and mainstream. We tend to make it as straightforward as possible to find proper candidates and build a decent internal database, however, many corporations do so more in-house. Several corporate recruiters are commencing to source candidates themselves. To stay ahead of the game, staffing companies need to use technology to differentiate themselves, enhance their ability to attract and notice good candidates, and provide an extra level of service than companies that do everything in-house.
  4. Legislation
    With today’s technological advancements, companies are facing  greater strain on their administration teams. Adding more responsibilities to an already stretched process of recruitment create time-delays and decrease efficiency. Complying with the local legislation and juggling with new paperwork, training days and the inevitable queries are the top hurdles that the recruitment industry is reportedly facing in the recent years.