With the increasing dependence on social media platforms for recruitment purposes, LinkedIn is gaining a huge space. The professional network recently announced that it has reached 500 million members and it estimates a single connection to represent 400 new people and 100 new companies with whom you could be building relationships. The community is said to represent 10+ million active job boards, give access to 9+ million companies, and with more than 100,000 articles published every week it helps you stay informed on the news and views impacting your professional world. It also claims to have 40% higher applicant quality than any other job boards. An amazing space indeed, to recruit. As the number of people signing up on these social networks increases, so does the potential of reaching the right candidate and job. So here’s how you can leverage the most out of LinkedIn just for recruiting purposes:


  • Every new connection represents a potential new opportunity. Being a professional social media site, LinkedIn connections deliver several benefits. The platform is ideal to keep you updated on the news as well as jobs postings and availability. So keep strong connections and always stay ‘linked’.
  • According to LinkedIn, more than half of the professionals aren’t actively seeking new employment, but would be open to the opportunity if it shows up. More than half of the candidates being passive job seekers makes LinkedIn a goldmine for recruiters. With  90% of LinkedIn members open to the right job opportunity if it’s put in front of them, this platform if used wisely can land you that perfect candidate who wasn’t even looking for a job in the first place. Features as Career pages, ‘Jobs for you ‘ Web ads, ‘Work with Us’ side banners are ways to attract and  reach such candidates. By using the LinkedIn feature- Job Board, you can expand your search. Using the ‘Jobs You May Be Interested In’ widget, can attract passive candidates easily by very subtly making the right job cross their path.
  • Staying in touch with former colleagues for future employment references is both easy and beneficial on LinkedIn. This network connection is a way of getting endorsements from people who knew you earlier and is willing enough to recommend you for better positions or companies.     LinkedIn’s endorsement feature is a great start to knowing abilities of the person through other people who might have had earlier associations with him/her. You can also search employees based on references from connections you trust. This makes streamlining individuals easier than usual.
  • LinkedIn does optimized searches. Candidates who match a set of keywords in their profiles get notified of any search and lets the employer connect. This is why it is important to keep your profiles updates often and using keywords that might attract these employers. Employees too look for their preferred companies similarly making it necessary to always keep up with a keyword rich profile.
  • LinkedIn features a number of recruiting tools that can come to tremendous use while on the lookout for a candidate. These tools are mostly subscription based, but are totally worth it, especially if you are a recruiting company. Tools include LinkedIn recruiter, which when subscribed to, gives you access to unlimited number of potential candidates and also lets you contact them using InMails. Automatic alerts keep you notified of a candidate that fits your requirements every time he is open to a new position. Recruitment Ads also lets you automatically display your ad on the sidebars of those who might be looking for just that kind of a job- the easiest way to target candidates.


Searching by employer, using InMails, advertising and networking are the most effective methods of LinkedIn in tackling the likely candidate. The impact of half a billion professionals connecting and communicating is very real, and very accessible to anyone who wants to take part today. The connections and exposure made here are thus a way of staying professional and real on the online media, be it for an individual or a company.