The market is moving at light-speed and one cannot afford to dawdle, especially from entry level to the middle management job market – where the best candidates have their pick of the lot when it comes to job offers. Companies aren’t just racing their competition, but also through the market to hire top talent.

“What can you do to get the best Candidate on board?”

Don’t hold it off
You are busy. You have to do your already hectic job and on top of it recruit for this new position – all this while your recruiter keeps calling you while you are in the middle of something important. You might think, if the candidate really wants the job, they might wait for a while, right?

No, you are wrong.

The reason the recruiter is persistently calling you is because he is aware of the job market, and how other companies might be trying to snare them. If you want top talent, you have to prioritize hiring, for the time being.

You need to make candidates feel wanted by your company, especially when top talent has the power to choose from various offers. A candidate must feel enthusiastic about your company, else he will find one which in which he does. Today, an interview is as much about the candidate as much is about you.

Don’t think there is light everywhere

You have found someone who checks all the boxes on your list, maybe even with an added X-Factor. You might think what if there is someone better out there? – this is because you have nobody you can compare them with. Although it is sensible to see achievers as benchmarks, do note that the more time you take, more the risk of losing out on your first choice.

Look for candidates, look for better ones, but do bear in mind that you are not the only one who has recognized the star candidate. Look for options, but make it quick, short and simple.

There might be a lot of reasons for delaying your response. Company policies, lack of funding, or waiting for a senior/better appointment. However, this is no reason to bury your head in the sand and wait for the green light to be given. Constant communication with the potential candidate will help them feel wanted and enthusiastic about your company. Although a recruiter will be informing them of the developments, you too should take initiative.

Be Flexible
You have managed to run a successful recruiting process and hold a star candidate, however, everything falls apart when negotiating an offer? Nowadays, companies are offering great perks. From flexible working hours to remote working, from compensations to bonuses and equities.

If your company cannot match these benefits, then you are likely to lose the candidate. Even though you are a small company or are unable to budge on financial offerings, compensate them with other non-monetary benefits. Allowing someone with a long commute to work from home for one or two days a week will go a long way. Maybe adding a couple of extra holidays will balance the swing.

Regardless of the size of the company, they need to make people want to work there. Make a list of the key benefits of your company and shout them out.

The world is getting faster, smarter and smaller where your clients needed results yesterday. Top talent is used to the speed and will move to ambitious, innovative and great places to work. If you don’t recruit quickly, you may not only lose business but also great people with the talent to make a difference. Worst of all, a slow-pace will eventually hurt your employer brand.